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Do you like to watch TV programs or read about natural disasters, industrial accidents, plane crashes, train wrecks, sunken ships, and other unfortunate but technically interesting things that (hopefully) happened to someone else? Then disasterporn is the place for you! If you've ever grooved on the "Drama in Real Life" feature of Reader's Digest or sat for hours paying rapt attention to a Modern Marvels: Engineering Disasters marathon, now there's a place where you can share your somewhat morbid fascination with the myriad of ways in which technology, other people, or nature itself can really ruin a person's day.

Some Shows of Interest

If you have a Series2 TiVo you can click on the titles to take you directly to TiVo Central Online to schedule recordings.

Air Emergency
Deep Sea Detectives
Extreme Evidence
Failure Analysis
Mega Disasters
Modern Marvels
Perfect Disaster
Seconds From Disaster
Zero Hour

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